19H19 - vendredi 24 juin 2016

#Euroxit and #europeanpoliticalunion, the solemn post-brexit call.



I sign here the call avoid a EuroXit: the time has come to create a European political union.




The British people have, in full sovereignty, decided by 51.9% to vote out. The UK leaves the European Union.

The times are ominous for the British people…. Prime Minister Cameron has decided to reduce, in spite of himself, the United Kingdom solely England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Scotland will probably leave soon the United Kingdom, which would make the Union void.


These are also troubled times for the European Union, exhausted by a process of complexification, of ever greater remoteness from citizens and young people, and from the insidious revenge of the sovereignties that underpin European nation-States

The only future ahead of us: rebuilding Europe with those who since the beginning sought a political, cultural, military Union, and not only an economic one. Otherwise, the FRANXIT, POLANXIT and other nationalist reactions will win over the old Continent in a definitive decline and with the violence of sovereignisms.

Without an  awakening, Euroxit will happen tomorrow.

In 1954, our German friends had suggested the creation of the EDC, European Defense Community, which contained an annex which created the political Union. France, through the voice of its Prime Minister of the time Pierre Mendès France, buried the project.

Today, and as soon as possible, we call for the creation of the PEU (political European Union), which will share a common vision, that is to say the alliance of politics and of the Euro, and of the cultural project of the European rights.

The Europe of culture, the Europe of young people, of businesses, of citizens is calling for a deep re-foundation and not just a mere re-composition of Europe. Europe deserves better than that. We have to be daring again.

The Europe of 28 is dead? Long live the PEU, the Political European Union.


Je signe :
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Premiers signataires

(in alphabetical order) :

Dominique Marzotto, productrice audiovisuelle européenne, Italie

Hélène Pichon, vice-Présidente Europe anglophone de l’Institut Robert Schuman (IRSE)

Michel Taube, fondateur d’Opinion Internationale et auteur de l’édito : God save the UK and the UE

Loïc Tribot La Spiere, Directeur général du CEPS, Centre d’Etude Prospective Stratégique

Sandra Schmidt Chef de bureau adjointe, Office franco-allemand pour la Jeunesse

Francis Massé, haut-fonctionnaire et essayiste 

Marie-Christine Rouvière, sociologue, Montpellier

Jean-Bernard GRAMUNT, Responsable international pour Afrique, Amérique Latine, Balkans, Pacifique, Russie, Ukraine et CEI. Expert en TIC et pôles de compétitivité.

Dominique Stucki, Avocat

Michel Kaluszynski, Réfèrent haute baronne Cooperative politique Lebiencommun

Ont signé / Have signed

Stephanie Preuvot
Natacha Nowack - Founder & Managing Director - M.A.E Mobility Activity Experience
Gilles Marchand - Président - Informations sans Frontières
Gilles Glin - Général Et Directeur Gsa France - G.S.A
Catherine Hegy - Mme
Michel Huvet - Journaliste, Écrivain
Catherine Leon - Présidente Institut Robert Schuman Pour L'europe - IRSE
Jacques Clergeot - Dr - Directeur décole
Lorry Girard - Professeure - Éducation nationale
Nicole Ciry
Jean-Pierre Phelouzat - Retraité


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