Paroles d'Américains
17H38 - mardi 30 octobre 2012

Cara MAESANO, 36, American, Against


I am against the death penalty. For members of society who need special help or need to be isolated in order to keep from harming others, there are other options. There can also be cases where innocent people are sent to death row by virtue of poor evidence on both sides. Aside from the obvious moral issues – keeping people on death row is also expensive for states. This money should be used for rehabilitation instead. Unfortunately the death penalty is only one terrible aspect of our prison system – current laws and private prisons have created a situation where many young men (and women) are ill-treated.

Nathanael Mion , 21, French, Against

I think the US will eventually abolish capital punishment. A society, any society, has to put itself above the common feelings for revenge. It cannot take revenge on itself.

John Eastwood, American, 43, Against DP

The death penalty should be abolished, and I believe that it will be done on a state-by-state basis instead of on a national level unless the U.S. Supreme Court changes. Why? First,…

Oglesbee Phoebe, 22, American, Don’t know

Capital punishment is a hard thing to abolish completely. While life imprisonment without parole is a preferable solution from a humanitarian standpoint, is it really the lesser of the two evils when…

Kyden Creekpaum, 31, American, Pro

I am horrified that innocent people have been sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit, and applaud the Innocence Project and others working to free the wrongly convicted. However, I…