L'Amérique peut abolir
14H55 - mardi 30 octobre 2012

Special Death penalty in the USA : the edition summarized for you


On November the 6th, a new American president will be elected. On this very same day, the United States are about to live another historic moment that hasn’t yet been much mediatized: California will decide if it commutes death penalty into life imprisonment without possibility of parole, thus abolishing Capital Punishment.

Have you ever wondered why Barack Obama and Mitt Romney never talked about death penalty during the campaign? Did you ask yourself why death penalty was such a deeply rooted instrument of repression in non-abolitionist states? Do you want to know more about the Prop 34 and the issues related to the Californian ballot? We answer this and even more with the exclusive interviews of a lifelong American abolitionist, Elizabeth Zitrin and of the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

Aiming at giving the Americans a voice and to know more what they think about prop 34 and Death Penalty, we also asked American citizens and foreigner living in the United States to answer a questions for to them to Tell Us About Death Penalty. Their opinions in English and in French are published on our special edition page for our readers.

In this very special edition, our Human Rights magazine, Opinion Internationale, has decided to shed light on this historic vote in California by taking side for the abolition process that would take-off even higher with a Californian Yes. On November the 6th, we hope for a positive result that would be one small step for California but one giant leap for mankind.

The OI editorial staff